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I'm in the process of recording more of my recent songs for a new CD, with the working title "Don't Get Me Started!", and will add more songs to this page as they become ready!

 To listen to any of the songs & clips below just click on the links. If you wish to obtain a copy of any of the recordings below, please contact me on

New Recordings

Hot off the press....

42  (Aug 2012). If you've read the book "Hitchhiker's Guide t o the Galaxy" by Douhlas Adams, or seen the film, you'll know that the answer to the question "What's the meaning of life, the universe and everything?" is..."42". This little ditty attempts to answer some of the other questions that have puzzled scientists, mystics and philosophers alike for centuries... (recorded & produced by Dave Hares at the Hermit Studio, Fishponds)

 Diggin' Up The Fishponds Road   (July 2012)

My comment on the seemingly never-ending traffic "improvements" going on along the Fishponds Road. Recorded by Dave Hares at the Hermit Studio, Fishponds July 2012. Features Dave Hares on slide guitar and Dave Hooper on industrial percussion sounds. Workmen's chorus by all three of us...and now the cones have started to appear furtively after dark... (recorded & produced by Dave Hares at the Hermit Studio, Fishponds)

(photo by Grace Walsh)

From the archives

  The Broadmead Busker - EP (2006)

 The Broadmead Busker (rough mix) CD includes full length track with instrumental "Alistair McLeod's Lament" & busking favourites "One Man Band" and "Catch The Wind". Photo & article from Bristol Evening Post 30/5/06 gives the story behind the song (reproduced by kind permission of Bristol United Press). (Recorded & produced by Dave Hares at the Hermit Studio, Fishponds)

 Things Are Like They Are - CD (2005)

A collection of songs written from late 70's to 2005. Recorded & produced by Dave Hares at The Hermit Studios, Fishponds. Featured tracks: Counting Cherry Stones   Things Are Like They Are  There's a Light in the Darkest Place Full track list: Counting Cherry Stones; Ain't Never Seen a Sunrise; Blown Out to Sea; A Renewed Acquaintance; That Great Cannonball; Sea Breeze; Mystery; She; There's a Light in the Darkest Place; Time He Slippin' Away; That Old Country Waltz; Things Are Like They Are. (Recorded & produced by Dave Hares at the Hermit Studio, Fishponds)

Recordings with The Swampmen

Swampmen CD's, mostly recorded on 8 track analogue tape at the Hermit Studio, Fishponds, Bristol, England.

 Winter Solstice - CD (2006)

 Featured tracks: Harp Wars  The Gloucestershire Wassail Golden Bough  Merry Swampmas  Bonus Track


 The Swampmen - CD (2004)

Featured tracks: Matty Groves  Swampy Shuffle  Drunken Sailor

Full track list: Matty Groves; Swampy Shuffle; And The Healing Has Begun; Questions; If You See Her Say Hello; Singing The Blues; I Went Made For a Couple of Days; No Way Blues; Prime Cut in 7/8; The Drunken Sailor.




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