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Welcome to Tony O'Hare's Music Site!

I've set up this website as a self-indulgent outlet for the music that I've been playing for the last 30-odd years - mainly in & around Bristol, with the odd excursion here and there.

I'd class my music as a mix of folk, acoustic, blues and country, but really I write and perform just about any type of music that suits, and that I enjoy playing (and have the ability to play!). So, acoustic versions of Hawkwind's space-rock "Silver Machine" and parodies of 70's new wave classic "Sex and Drugs and Rock'n'Roll" have appeared in my repertoire.

At heart I'm a song-writer and I write songs about things, so on this website I want to provide some information and background about the songs themselves, like a sort of intro when you're playing live, as often this helps to put the song into context, and in the end probably improves the whole listening experience (maan!). So next to each song on my site you may find some bits of background & related trivia. Feel free to ignore them...

This website is currently still under construction - a bit like Fishponds Rd for what seems like the last 17 years...where traffic cones are now mysteriously appearing after dark....see photos below:

         (photos by Grace Walsh)

But don't get me started!....oh, with that as a cue, that's the working title of my forthcoming CD - currently being recorded as at August 2012. In recent years I've tended towards writing more humorous and satirical songs, and the new CD will reflect that, with songs about porridge & piles, Bristol & bananas, Wales & women, & much more. Watch this site for progress! & check out the My Music page to listen to Tony's "42" & "Diggin' Up The Fishponds Road" - hot off the press - which will be on the CD. Recorded with former Swampmen Dave Hares & Dave Hooper.

See below for what you'll find on the other pages in this site!

I also have a Myspace site at

Happy listening!


Tony - info - what it says on the tin really! Contains a bit of information about me, my music, my musical influences and links to some videos and songs from some of my favourite artists and musical friends.

My Music - songs to listen to, info & background to the songs and any other related stuff.

Gigs & Events - details of regular and one-off gigs and performances where you can find me doing my stuff live. It'll be lovely to have your support ... oo-er, missus!

(cartoon by Martin Peers)

Photo Gallery - umm - lots of photos from gigs, rehearsals, events and jams.

Some Links - links to live local music venues, open mic nites and folk clubs. Also links to websites of favourite musicians - from less well known local musicians to famous heroes,

Contact Me - my contact details if you want to get in touch or sign up to my periodic email information circulars. Available for gigs, festivals, charity events etc - solo or with band Grape Jam.

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